Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween 2010 - The Gray Family

Well, I know it's a week gone by (and then some), but I finally finished the Halloween pics I took while doing the whole dress up/trick-or-treat thing at my sis-in-law's house.  Here are some of the hi-lites from the night (most of them are my cuter-than-cute nephew, Cormac):

Cormac, the Skunk, was a big hit.  And as my father-in-law put it, "We all knew he was a big stinker, anyway, right?"  He's right.  But in the best possible way to think of it. ;o)

Me, Kimberly, Conan and Cormac.  A lesson I learned: DO NOT SLOUCH.  It is unbecoming, especially to us, umm, larger-sized women! *yikes*

This was a random trick-or-treater that was SO adorable that I had to take his picture.  He's the most ADORABLE Harry Potter EVER.

To close, the pumpkins that Conan, Kimberly and Cormac carved.  My bro-in-law has some mad carving skills, eh?  (He did the winking one)  And,  there's the cutest shot I got - in my humble opinion.  Cormac looking back at me like he's got something really sarcastic to say.  I can't wait 'til he starts talking!  I've got SO MUCH to teach him!

Hope you all had a safe and Happy Halloweenie.  It was a LOT of fun in the Gray household!

Now go out and shoot something! ;o)  (a little photographer humor there!)


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