Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thanks to Peggy...

I've now found a program that lets me CREATE a collage from scratch. It's fun and easy. I've already figured out how to manipulate the grid background, so I'm not as limited there as I thought, but for just a few minutes investment, I can print this out, frame it up and deliver to the grandparents in fine style. No hassle whatsoever. What is this program, you may ask? Well, my sister-in-law's mother (how about I just call her my friend, Peggy?!) introduced me to it. It's conveniently located at and sponsored through Google, and it's FREE! OK, OK - if you haven't already guessed, it's Picasa 3.

Now, I'm a DEVOTED PhotoShop CS2 user (I'd like to upgrade, but the costs... oy vei!), so I have to admit I was a little pretentious and thought this would be a bunch a fluff. WELL, it's NOT! OMG! If you would like to do photo editing and you don't have the bucks for PhotoShop, never fear! This program has so many great tools (that are WAY BEYOND user friendly and into the "a second grader can do this" category) and they really do mimic the results I get out of PhotoShop. Now, don't get me wrong, there are some things in PS that I'll never be able to do w/o as far as editing my photos, but this free program does a HECKUVA LOT for the price.

So, thanks, Peggy, for the recommendation. I love the Collage Feature in Picasa and will probably use it often. Oh, and it even has a feature that connects to my blog and lets me do all this (blogging) with no extra hassle. How cool is THAT?!?

Now, before I close, I do have to mention (so I can enter this post in the contest) that Skye Hardwick and MCP actions have teamed up for an AWESOME giveaway. You've got to check out Skye's Workshop Workbook (an INCREDIBLE RESOURCE - which I'm hoping beyond hope to win!) and MCP's Actions (which I use OFTEN). Some of the best tools in the business, so you don't want to miss the reduced prices and the awesome giveaways!

Happy shooting, blogger buds!
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